Top 3 ways to immigrate to Canada

Top 3 ways to immigrate to Canada


Immigrating to Canada and gaining its permanent residency is a highly valued and coveted status and with soaring immigration targets set over the next few years, people are pondering: what does it take to become a permanent resident of Canada?

So, are you eager and keen to immigrate to Canada but confused about where to begin?

You can’t be blamed!

Canadian immigration is an extensive and complicated, tangled process and it can get tricky to navigate through the process with distinctive eligibility requirements, documents, and application processes that differ widely from one program to the other. Owing to the sparse population in Canada, there are almost 80 different immigration pathways to select from, each with different eligibility requirements, documents, and application processes from one program to the other. This makes the process quite overwhelming, profuse and nerve-racking. There are many countless opportunities available for skilled professionals, students, business investors, entrepreneurs, etc.

But with Kytero Immigration at your side, who has expertise, professionalism and experience in Canadian immigration, the process becomes super easy. We happily assist with hassle-free immigration to Canada.

In recent times, immigration laws have eased down which leads to good immigration solutions for aspiring migrants. To help you get a head start, we narrowed down the most popular ways people move to one of the most diverse and multicultural countries worldwide, Canada.

So, let’s dive in to explore the incredible and easiest ways that can set you on the path to starting a new life and boast the fastest permanent residency (PR)in Canada in 2021;

1. Express Entry

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada, for example, Express Entry is well known as being one of the most simple and efficient ways to move to Canada, visa applications are processes fastest under this program in a record time of 6 to 8 months! However, the success of your application depends on various factors such as your age, education and skillset.

After meeting the minimum requirements of one of three Express Entry programs, namely the CEC, FSWP, or the FSTP. All eligible visa applicants are scored according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). They are then entered into a draw pool and ranked against other applicants and the highest-scoring candidates are invited to apply for permanent residency. It is one of the most successful immigration options.

2. Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

If you don’t qualify for Express Entry the next option is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It is aimed at enticing experienced workers to move to the province to fill the current gap in the Canadian labour market. However, this can be a lengthy process. You would need to apply directly to the province or territory of your choice, which could take up to 18 months to process unless you apply to an Express Entry-linked PNP program. PNPs that have Express Entry profile and have expressed interest in that province, will have fast-tracked applications and will receive extra points, making certain PNPs extremely easy to receive PR through.


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is an employer-driven pathway, to fill skills and labour shortages for skilled workers and international graduates and most of the applications for AIPP are processed in six months. The provinces covered under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

There are three categories of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – Intermediate Skilled worker, High-Skilled Worker, and International Graduate program. All these streams have different eligibility requirements, and they should be met adequately to be selected in this category. Also, designated employers in these provinces can endorse your permanent residency application by offering you a full-time job position. There is also an option to start working in Canada immediately while your PR application is being processed.

Taking on the task of applying for your Canadian visa, on your own, is a difficult and lengthy process, especially with numerous forms, supporting documents and strict deadlines. But you needn’t worry. With Kytero Immigration fill our evaluation form and know your scores for free. We will take care of the rest. It’s just that simple! Your Canadian journey starts here.

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