Who we are

Who we are

Kytero has a focused approach on providing unmatched services and assistance to those who seek guidance for pursuing higher education in offshore countries. We have been continually providing immaculate services to students and professionals alike to help them achieve their goals. The handheld guidance we have provided to countless students to make them realize their true potential and to help them achieve greatness is unique. We believe in transparency and constant hard work to deliver what we promise. Our mission objective is to provide every student a set of precise tools to unlock a successful career path and build everlasting ties with universities and schools abroad by working closely with them to narrow the gap between educators and the students. A student should never be bound by their place of birth and should have an opportunity to study from the best institution possible. This is what we truly believe in and are dedicated to making it a reality for everyone.

The team here at Kytero consists of highly trained and experienced professionals that have proven their worth in their respective fields and have an honorable name in the industry. Each individual at Kytero adds value to the team and helps make it a cohesive unit. The professionalism of our team is our brand’s identity and we wear it with pride.

We offer our services for studies in The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Ireland and Canada. Kytero offers more than 25000 courses from more than 1500 schools and universities from these countries.

Our aim is to offer the best possible service to our clients and to become a beacon of hope for all the aspiring students and professionals that seek to study abroad and brighten up their future. 

Meet Our Team

Mohd Ahmad

Regional Manager

Bhumika Batra

Admissions Counsellor


Admissions Counsellor
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