The IRCC is doubling down on ITAs. What does this mean for you?

The IRCC is doubling down on ITAs. What does this mean for you?

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Back in December 2020, Canada had to pause the all-program Express Entry draws for over 18 months in order to keep a check on the number of applicants applying for permanent residence. This was done in response to the overwhelming number of applicants during that time and the state of the world because of COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian borders had closed and all activities were suspended because of the uncertain nature of proceedings. In July of 2022, the all-program Express Entry draws were started again and since then the IRCC(Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has been steadily increasing the number of ITAs(Invitations To Apply) by 250 each time the draw was held. This time the IRCC doubled the increase in ITAs and increased the number by 500. 2,750 ITAs were issued this time with a Comprehensive Ranking System score cut-off of 516. The CRS scores have also been coming down with every draw since July, this year

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What is Express Entry exactly?

It provides a platform to manage the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Workers Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Applicants from the PNP are also eligible under at least one of the above mentioned programs. Express Entry uses a Comprehensive Ranking System to grade applicants. Invitation To Apply are given to the top ranking candidates after which they can apply for Permanent Residency.
The IRCC issues the applications to its officers, who then commence with reviewing the applications. They request for biometrics, extra documentation and interviews as they seem necessary. Once the formalities are out of the way, the applicant becomes a Permanent Resident of
Canada. Canada is now looking towards a future where the authorities would be able to issue ITAs to handpicked individuals in accordance with the needs of the Canadian economy. Individuals that can contribute directly and substantially to the Canadian economy will be preferred over others.

This future is nearer than it seems at first. The Canadian government is working fast towards making these changes. We would highly suggest you make a move as soon as possible as the IRCC is also doubling down on ITAs as they are in a race to meet their goal of accepting more than 4,30,000 applicants this year. With the current state of proceedings and a little guidance from experienced professionals, your ITA is literally guaranteed.

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