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Job hunting in Canada as a newbie

Job hunting in Canada as a newbie

If you are one of the individuals who have recently moved to Canada or are moving to Canada, job hunting is probably on top of your to-do list. Job seeking is already a daunting task in itself, now add being in a new place to do so, making it ever so difficult. The pandemic has already fiddled with all the norms making it even more confusing for everyone looking for a job.

Worry not. There are still some basic things you can do to give yourself a healthy chance.

Below we discuss a few tips that you can use to your advantage:

  • Search strategy-

Looking through the news papers for new job opportunities just does not cut-it anymore. There are far too many job categories to comb through this way. Even going through job postings online can’t help much until you decide upon what actually you want to pursue? Make sure you know what career path you want, to get yourself in a position of enjoying your work.

  • Refine your Resume-

Having a generic looking resume is just not going to get you anywhere. The world has moved on and so should you. Your resume has to be fine-tuned before every time you apply. You need to look for what the employers are looking for and then make adjustments to your resume to fit into the job description.

  • The right places to look at-

There are many places where one can look for a job opportunity in Canada, but finding out the sources that best work for you is essential. Looking for specific job portals and navigating the websites correctly is vital to finding what you are looking for? Make sure to give these portals enough time to properly understand how they work.

  • Endorsements-

Having a letter of recommendation from your previous employer goes a long way in establishing your credibility. If your previous employer has ties to recruiters in Canada it is even better. Ask people you have confidence in, if they have any connections in Canada? This cannot guarantee a job but can help you in getting your resume to the right person in right time.

  • Networking-

Networking is a very important tool when it comes to being in the eyes of right person. Not only physically but also online. Today, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook provide strong networking opportunities to everyone. Having your resume on LinkedIn and getting connected to people of your field can get you amazing options.

Having connections with people in real world is also equally important. People are starting to lose themselves to the digital world and the real world networking skills have definitely seen a dip in the past decade. Real world networking can get you instant offers and opportunities as long as you are proficient at it.

  • Interview skills-

From dressing correctly for the interview to having great communication skills and body language, an individual has to be on point to crack the interview stage. Show some confidence and have conversations normally, as you would have at any other time. Interviewers can make out when you are zoned out of the conversation and are thinking of what to say next.

  • Persistence-

Failing to find a job can dishearten anyone but keep coming back until you get what you want. Enduring the times of failure and coming back strong is a quality every employer seeks. If you have what it takes to stay strong during the tough situations, then you are above a large portion of candidates that give up and pack their bags. Remember, persistence always pays back, you just need to hang in there.

Every individual is born different and chooses their own path in life, but there are certain skills and procedures that help optimize the conditions and increase your chances of success. Always keep looking to sharpen your skills and strengthening your weaknesses. An individual who seeks constant improvement is bound to achieve greatness.

Go out there to explore your options and do not hesitate to take up a few challenges; it is these challenges that bring out the best in you. Have a great career ahead!

Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi
Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi