It Is Practically The Best Time To Move To Canada!

It Is Practically The Best Time To Move To Canada!

Canada has always been a wonderland for millions of aspiring immigrants all over the world. The promise of good work opportunities, best living conditions, equality of income, superb healthcare, world class education and most of all the welcoming nature of people has been keeping Canada at the top of the list for places to relocate. This all fanfare is surely even more amplified by taking a look at the immigration system that Canada has in place. It is certainly one of the most robust immigration setups across the world.

Over years, Canada has had a very aggressive approach towards welcoming more and more immigrants as the Canadian economy depends a lot on the immigrant workers. Due to a severe lack of native population, Canada needs a constant supply of foreign workers to utilise its abundant resources. This had, in the first place, prompted the Canadian authorities to think about solving this problem of lack of workers by welcoming more and more immigrants into the country. Canada being Canada, was always a welcoming community of people. This resulted in the great cosmopolitanism we can see there today. Yesterday, Canada announced their sixth all-program Express Entry Draw since July. It came as no surprise that Canada offered 3250 ITAs( Invitation To Apply ) across various programs, even surpassing the previous increments of 250 ITAs at every draw.

This time the ITAs increased by 500. Although the CRS( Comprehensive Ranking System ) scores were not as low as on previous occasions, still they were comparable. These are quite clear indications that the Canadian authorities are ramping up their efforts and trying to surpass their expected number of 4,32,000 invites this year. The Canadian government is certainly very interested in boosting the immigration process and it shows in how they have devised different plans to do so. They have already set up short term and long term plans to achieve their targeted numbers. New employees have already been enrolled to take care of the immediate work loads and plans for the long term goals are being supervised for effective implementation. Canada is brimming with opportunities as over one million job vacancies await new Canadians to fill them. Canada is already experiencing an all time low unemployment rate, which means the people present there are already well employed. This information coupled with the fact that Canada is seeing low birth rates and a substantial increase in retirements means that Canada will be heavily dependent on a labour force from other countries to fill in the vacancies.

We thoroughly believe that it is the right time to make a decision and move to Canada as soon as possible. With all the opportunities available there and the Canadian government keen on welcoming professionals from every field, it seems like a golden period to take your chances at relocation. All you need now is some proper guidance and someone to provide you the necessary information to make this move successfully. Kytero Immigration is the best immigration consultancy across India for everything related to Canada. We can help you realise your dream, with our team of experienced professionals and our dedication to serve you with the
best of our capabilities. Reach out to us now!

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