Canada’s Judiciary Is Next Level! Don’t Believe Us? Just Read This

Canada’s Judiciary Is Next Level! Don’t Believe Us? Just Read This

Canada already is an incredible country with millions of immigrants lined up every year to enter. It is not some random coincidence that so many people want to move to this beautiful country. Yes, the best working conditions and lifestyle are a natural draw, but the judicial system of Canada also has a lot of role to play in this. The judiciary in Canada is well known for promptness and fair decisions.

One such case recently made the Canadian Supreme Court update the process for making reasonable decisions on immigration applications. We are talking about the case of Alexander Vavilov who was born in Toronto.

Alexander Vavilov was born in Toronto and hence was granted Canadian citizenship. All his life he believed he was a Canadian. His parents were arrested in The United States of America in 2010 under the charges of espionage. This prompted the Canadian Registrar of Citizenship to cancel Alexander’s citizenship certificate, on grounds of the Citizenship Act. Under the Citizenship Act, children of a “diplomatic or consular officer or other representative or employee in Canada of a foreign government” are barred from receiving citizenship. Since Alexander’s parents pledged guilt and were sent back to Russia, they were treated as the above stated individuals. In a remarkable turn of events, Alexander’s case went up to the Supreme Court of Canada where the decision was made in his favour stating that the Registrar’s decision was found unreasonable. Alexander Vavilov subsequently regained his Canadian citizenship.

This is how just and amazing the judiciary system in Canada is. It not only made a decision in favour of an individual against a Canadian civic body but also laid down groundwork for future fair treatment in such circumstances.

This is what makes people from all parts of the world believe in Canada. More and more people fill applications for immigrating into Canada every year and the Canadian government has also responded positively to this. For the past few years, the number of invites offered by Canada has drastically increased and they are supposed to increase even more for the years to come.

If you are someone who is looking for a chance to move to Canada for a brighter future, the time is now! With all the Canadian provinces and territories pushing harder for more invites, getting a Canadian PR was never easier. All you need is proper guidance and support to quickly make this happen. Consider getting assistance from a reputed immigration consultancy like Kytero Immigration, which offers the best advice with leading industry professionals at its helm.

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