Refund, Anti Fraud Policy & Terms And Conditions

When you use this site, for any sort of information, it does not, by design, establish advisor-client or consultant-client association between Kytero and you, who is the guest/reader/user. As such an association may occur ONLY in a situation wherein an advisory/consulting charge is given to Kytero Immigration. However--if a visit made results in advisor-client or consultant-client relation between the two parties-- the client concurs with following as a part of the policy of refund involving consulting:

An advisor-client or consultant-client association is-- and will continue to be--subject to a completely new contract of engagement (COE) decided and inked between both the parties, namely, Kytero Immigration & client. The terms & conditions and refund policy of this type of an agreed and inked contract of engagement/agreement, for using the services of the immigration consultancy in its capacity as an advisor, is fully autonomous of the terms & conditions of usage of the given site.

Since the pact of engagement could not be the same, and may vary from one client to another, it remains the job of the guest/reader/user to present a formal request before Kytero for a draft copy of, what is called the contract of engagement (COE), that carries an annexure on refund policy which will be relevant in his situation, evaluate the COE & refund policy and only then settle the fee in Kytero Immigration’ favor.

The client will offer every needed information and papers, such as the English translations in an agreed form, and as sought by Kytero Immigration and the involved Visa Office. It has been fully agreed upon by the said immigration consultancy on the ground of the facts and papers presented by the client. In case the furnished details is discovered to be inaccurate or fake or deficient or incorrect, and so not entertained by the concerned Immigration bodies, the immigration consultancy takes no responsibility whatsoever for the not too positive impact of the same on the result of the petition and the ensuing rejection on this basis, even as no refund shall be claimed–either of the consulting charge or the amount paid to the government organizations under such situations!

The mandate of Kytero Immigration is restricted to suitably help the client on the instructions and the matters involving the submission and the processing of his petition for immigration permit on the basis of the phases duly instructed in the contract of engagement (COE), offered separately and inked between both the groups, and only for the phases for which fee has been given to Kytero Immigration.