July 09, 2020

What Is L2 Visa?

If you are the spouse or a dependent of an individual who has obtained an L1 visa, then L2 Visa for you. Let us begin by reading a bit about the L1 visa. The L1 visa is a type of visa issued by the American government for non-national workers for a short period of time (for Indian nationals) based on reciprocity. So, if your spouse (man or woman) has an L1 visa for staying in the USA, one can apply for an L2 visa. Under this visa, a spouse or a dependent enjoys an array of benefits while living in the country. 

The people eligible for L2 visa are: 

· Spouses In a genuine marriage with an L1 visa holder 

· Child below 21 years dependent on the L1 visa holder 

The people not eligible: 

· Parents of the L1 visa holder 

· The intended applicant will not accompany or stay with the L1 visa holder 

Benefits of this visa: 

· Reside in America on a temporary basis 

· Study full-time in America 

· Apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the U.S. 

· Convert current visa status to a no immigrant one such as F1, B1/B2, H1, and L1 

· Travel overseas and return after brief trips 

Requirements for L2 Visa: 

· Filled DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. 

· Valid passport 

· passport-style photos 

· Original marriage certificate (for spouses) 

· Original birth certificates for each child applying 

· Written approval of the primary L1 visa holder (the parent or spouse) 

· Employment verification letter from L1 visa holder’s employer 

· L1 holder’s Form I-797 

· Visa application fee 

· Visas issuance fee 

Supporting documents for L2 visa stamping: 

· Photo Copy of the Form I-129 of the L1 visa holder 

· photocopy of the L1 visa 

· Evidence of the marriage such as a wedding album and wedding invitation card 

· Xerox of the L1 visa holder’s passport 

· Income tax return document and salary slips of the L1 visa holder 

· If the L1 visa holder is already employed in America, you need to provide all their payslips of the current calendar year as well as previous U.S. federal tax returns. You also need to add the previous 6 months’ bank statements of the primary visa holder. 

L2 Visa Application Tips: 

· Submit application with your spouse/partner (L1 visa applicant) at the same time if possible 

· Change your surname on the passport or else you will have to use your maiden name while in America (applies for ladies). 

· The wedding album should have many images of spouse and you 

· No mistakes should be made while filling details in applications 

· If you don’t have a valid visa, you won’t be able to leave and then re-enter the country 

We hope the above information on L2 Visas (spouse or dependent visa) has been of help to you all. Information and education are important for all essential work and one must do full research and homework before embarking on any project.

What Is L2 Visa?

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