June 24, 2020

8 Professions Most In Demand In Canada

“A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in.. And how many want out.”

―Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister

Canada is an open country in so many ways. It is tolerant, diverse, and openly invites thousands to migrate to its shores for a new life. Its small population which is aging compels it to attract youngsters in droves to its shores. However, like any country attracting migrants, it wants to attract the best talent in the world, in careers of high growth which will fuel the economy. We have compiled some professions which are considered lucrative and aid in getting the visa in a smooth manner, if you are deemed qualified and a professional in them. 

Here is a list of 8 professions in demand in Canada which will aid your immigration process: 

Architects – Urban planners, surveyors, and architects are the ones who lay the foundations of the physical aspect of a civilization, hence their demands will always be sky-high. Those who come with degrees from good institutes and work experience are welcomed with open arms. Of course, you may need to get re-skilled once in Canada as per their requirements. 

IT Guys – Whether you are in the field of hardware or software, IT guys have a high calling card as the future lies with them. Their demand is ever-increasing with many companies having their branches here and Canada is now being an IT hub with many companies opening shop here. 

engineering and IT professional jobs Canada

Engineers – Engineers in various fields such as electrical, chemical, mechanical are among the top professions in the world. The demand for engineers will always be high. 

Doctors and Allied Services – The professionals in the medical services such as doctors, nurses, therapists, and dentists and so on will always get top priority because of their services rendered as well as the need for medical professionals in large numbers in a country like Canada where the population is growing slowly. 

Accountants – if you are a person playing with number and juggling account banks, consider yourself to be in demand in Canada as a professional who will be given priority over many other professionals. So all those who preferred to give math a miss in school, it’s time to reconsider for your kids and their futures. 

Graduate College Teachers – Teachers are the foundation of human society and are much in demand in universities and institutions across Canada. School teachers are also in demand but if you teach at the graduate and higher levels, it’s easier to move to the land of Maple leaves and bears. 


Scientists – A scientist in any of the disciplines will get top billing and Canada encourages the best minds to come study, research, create and invent its centers of excellence and sciences. 

Chefs and Cooks – Restaurants and hotels need professional chefs and cooks from around the world, so you are in luck especially if you have a background in hotel management or culinary college, with experience. Of course, down the road, you can open your own café, food truck or restaurant or even run a catering business.

8 Professions Most In Demand In Canada

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