June 24, 2020

Top 5 Cities To Live In Canada

“Canada has this really cool way - specifically Toronto - of encouraging you to wave both flags: if you've been born there, like, wave your flag and then wave your parent's flag, too, and be proud of it. “

– Jessie Reyez

Once you have decided to relocate to Canada and are not sure of which city would be your base in the coming years, you can consider these top destinations picks to choose from listed by us below. These cities (with their suburban towns) are ideal for single people as well as families to begin life anew in this gentle and peace-loving country. Welcome to Land of Maples. 

Here is our list of the 5 best cities to live in Canada: 

Ottawa: The national capital of the country is a great place to start a new life. Its health care is among the best in the country, it is home to good universities and community colleges. It has good public schools and its real estate/housing is comparatively more affordable than other big cities. Those in tech and health sectors as well as seeking government jobs find Ottawa as their base. It is home to parks and rural attractions and offers the option of skiing as well. It has a decent size immigrant population so newcomers will feel at home. 

Toronto: If there is one city which is the calling card for Canada, it is Terrific Toronto. This large sprawling city with many feeder towns cosseting it has become the leading magnet for all immigrants. Its big city feels tolerance of diversity, multicultural population, job opportunities, and the good life of the suburb towns such as Brampton and Mississauga make it a beehive of immigrants. It’s a good place to settle in and is home to the main international gateway. Jobs are available in a host of industries and even non-skilled workers can be gainfully employed. 

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Vancouver: This is among the top 3 cities in this vast country. It is a base for industries from software, film and media, biotech, animation, video game development, mining and forestry, and tourism. It has a robust health care system, a milder climate which is a big draw for many and many natural splendors such as beaches and ski spots. Think of moving to this lovely place? 

Calgary: The large sprawl is the capital of Alberta province. Its traditional sources of income have been from energy, agricultural, and transportation businesses. Now it is seeking growth in tourism, health, and financial sectors. So, if you are seeking work in these fields, come to Calgary. It is affordable, becoming diverse and plenty of career opportunities. It is home to many winter games and events. It hosted the Winter Olympics way back in 1988.

Mississauga: This suburb city of Toronto is home to a rising number of Indians who are professionals in their field. Charming, affordable with good schools, and easy connectivity to Toronto is its draw. It is a good pick for those who already have families and relatives living in the Greater Toronto Area. For skilled people, this city is their best pick combining the fast-paced life of Toronto and the quiet of suburbs.

Top 5 Cities To Live In Canada

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