June 29, 2020

Should I immigrate to Ireland?

“The heart of an Irishman is nothing but his imagination” 

― George Bernard Shaw 

The above quotation by George Bernard Shaw sums up beautifully the people and culture of Ireland is a warm welcome to its guests, visitors, immigrants, and students. Isn't that beautiful? A country that is open to all and accepts with open arms newcomers is a great place to immigrate. Very people might be aware that the current young prime minister of this country, Mr. Leo Varadkar is on Indian origin and an openly gay proud man. His story is an inspiration for all those who are considering settling abroad, so why not consider Ireland? 

Here are some valid reasons for considering Ireland as your first choice for immigration: 

Affordable Accommodation- The country has a wide range of accommodation to suit the budgets of different sections of society. From apartments, condos, gated communities, and houses with yards, the country has it all based upon spending capacity and requirements of the immigration. 

World-Class Education - Public school education is provided free for its students, however, uniforms, school books, and extra-curricular activities are not free. It has leading colleges and universities offering a high quality of education such as Trinity. Its education system is robust, good faculties and practices and curriculum is practical and informative. 

Cultural Life - It has a vibrant cultural and social life, especially in its big cities and towns. It has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. The pub culture is thriving and is one of the defining qualities of being Irish. The country is home to many festivals, museums, and cultural bonanzas. New restaurants open upbringing world cuisine home to all. 

Health System – It has a comprehensive government-funded health care system that is robust and consists of the best medical professionals in the world. Its health care figures among the top 10 of the European countries in past surveys. One can rest assured of being taken care of by general physicians or hospitals for all kinds of requirements. 

Stable Economy – The country has a sound economy and has had a high rate of GSDP in the past few years on account of low taxes, many companies moving base there, and the presence of skilled labor of many industries. Ireland's economic freedom score is 80.9, making it's economy the 6th freest in 2020 Index. Its growth is powered by knowledge-based industries such as life sciences, financial services, and information-technology and agro-industries. 


Should I immigrate to Ireland?

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