August 12, 2020

How To Get Canada Immigration Certificate?

"Canada Is the Homeland of Equality, Justice, and Tolerance."  

- Kim Campbell, former prime minister of Canada

As more people seek a better life in Canada, it is important for them to get their paperwork in order to ensure a smooth sailing process at all times. In this blog, we shall look at the various certificates required for migrating to the country of your dreams. 

Police Clearance Certificate 

This certificate is mandatory in the immigration process without which a candidate won't be considered. It is a local police authority issued a document detailing whether a candidate has a history of criminal offenses. People with clean records have nothing to fear whereas those with any criminal records do not get immigration to Canada.  

All candidates must apply for a police clearance certificate from their nearest designated police station in a country where you have stayed for a minimum of 6 months. If you have stayed in multiple countries then you could be required to furnish certificates from those countries as well. The PCC is valid for 6 months period only. A scanned color copy of the PCC must be submitted to the authorities along with your other mandatory documentation. 

Qualification certificate under the Federal Skilled Trades Program  

In order to get such a certificate, the concerned person must go to the relevant province to give the exam which provides certification. You will need to get the Canada based employer to provide training and experience before the exam as well. Some trades which are not covered by the provinces are under the regulation of the country's central government. 

English Proficiency Test 

One of the pre-requisites mandated by the government is proficiency in English in all aspects (reading, writing, speaking, and understanding). Therefore, every candidate has to clear an online exam be it IELTS, CELPIP, and so on. This ensures that all immigrants have a working knowledge of English to thrive in Canada. 

These are some of the certificates required by the Canadian authorities from potential immigrants under various programs. So, if you plan to move abroad, then it's imperative to get all your preparatory work done to ensure so that there are no disappointments after putting in so much effort. 

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How To Get Canada Immigration Certificate?

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