July 20, 2020

Canada Work Visa Refusal Reasons

“Canada offers ample work opportunities and beautiful life”

– Anonymous 

Excited about going to Canada under a work visa regime for a select period, make sure your application is approved as fast as possible by taking all the right steps. Here we list some top reasons for rejection of work visa by the Canadian authorities. Our aim is to educate everyone so that everyone’s dreams come true with a stamped permit/visa on their passports. Please read the below blog carefully. 

The top reasons for Canada Work Visa Refusal by the Canadian government are: 

Bad Interview At The High Commission – One of the common reasons for visa rejection of any type by the government is poor performance during the interview process. The way an applicant is dressed, talks, carries himself/ herself and sounds plus provides logical replies which are genuine and convincing swing the decision of the visa officer. Some of the questions asked during the interview are: 

  • What is your occupation? 

  • How Long Do You Intend to Stay? 

  • Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job? 

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Prepare yourself well for the interview by consulting people so that when your time comes, you ace the interview. 

Incomplete Documentation – Going to Canada or for that matter any western country for work etc requires a whole lot of paperwork. The documentation and paperwork must be in order and done in a system so that it leaves no scope of error or improvement. The documentation includes a valid passport, educational certificates, original bank statement, and any other documentation relevant for the work visa. 

Ties To Your Home Country – One needs to convince the visa officer that you have real bonds with your home country and that at the end of the expiry of the work permit, you will fly out and back home. Bonds can be in the form of land holdings, property, family ties, etc. Make sure you prove these vital ties to enable you to get the work permit. 

No Specialized Skills For The Job Sought – Canada repeatedly emphasized the need for specialized skills or specialty occupations. If in your application you show a job that does not require a special skill set or can be filled by a local Canadian, then there is a very good chance that your case will be rejected. It’s incumbent upon the employer and you to show collaboration with your desirability and uniqueness for the job and the work visa. 

Violation Of Law – If you have a criminal record or traveled to Canada previously and violated terms of your previous visa etc., this is a genuine and valid reason for rejection of the application. So always make sure that everything you do is legit and in consonance with the law of the country. 

We hope the above information is helpful and prepares you for the work visa process. Slow and easy and the right way will ensure you get to have international work experience in Canada which will look good on your resumes and in life. 

Canada Work Visa Refusal Reasons

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