June 13, 2020

Best Countries for Post-Graduation for Indian Students

“Study abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world.”

– Chantal Mitchell


Every year thousands of Indians head for foreign shores to obtain bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in a variety of subjects ranging from hospitality to robotics to engineering to fashion. The quality of education imparted and its value in career paths drives youngsters to overseas institutes of higher learning.

Some of the Best countries for post-graduation for Indian students are Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia.  Now competing with the likes of these best countries for Indians for a master's degree are New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, and so on.

In 2019, around 7 lakh youngsters headed abroad to obtain various degrees and the trend will only gain momentum year on year due to the large population of India and the limited seats in Indian universities. Canada has emerged as the leading destination for post-graduation studies for Indian students after the USA.  This is largely due to a change in its migration policy coupled with easing of work & visa permits.

graduation robe for masters degree

Here are some advantages of pursuing master's degrees overseas:

· Add Value to your CV when you are in the job market

· Evolve as a person and be more confident as a human being

· Education is intensive, practical with in-depth learning

· Some specialist courses are available only abroad

· Best faculties, practices, and resources make studying abroad lucrative


Here is a list of the Best countries for Indians for a master’s degree:

overseas education in Canada


· It is an English-speaking country

· The quality of life is among the best in the world

· It is not as expensive as other education destinations

· It has a tolerant and cosmopolitan culture.

· It is home to leading world-class universities

· Welcome migrants and flexible work permit policy

masters degree program in Australia


· It is an English-speaking country

·  safe country where the crime rate is low

· It provides an opportunity to work during and after studies

·  A multicultural and tolerant society

· Inexpensive as compared to traditional education hubs

post graduation in USA


· Home to leading universities such as Yale, Columbia, and MIT

· Access to various scholarships

· Degrees are recognized as the best the world over

· It is an English-speaking country

· Exposure to multiculturalism and a variety of extracurricular activities

masters degree education in uk

United Kingdom

· The courses are shorter in length

· The education is intensive

· Home to best universities such as Oxford and Cambridge

· Direct flights to India

· Multi-cultural diversity and historical links to India

post graduation in new zealand

New Zealand

· Safe learning environment

· Friendly and multi-cultural society

· International students can apply for six months of work permit in the country

· Internship programs give you the opportunity to work with companies and get better insights into the corporate culture and work ethics

· Internationally recognized degrees

· Focus on overall personality development


As you can see, the list of best countries for post-graduation is extensive and each one attractive in its own way. In the end, it boils down to the course, the reputation of the institute/university for that course as well as the finances involved. Of course, if you receive a scholarship, grant, or a student loan then it makes life much easier. So, where are you planning to go for higher studies: Canada, The United Kingdom, or New Zealand?  Contact us for more information on moving abroad for your dream master’s degree.

Best Countries for Post-Graduation for Indian Students

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