August 24, 2020

WES Evaluation for Canada PR

"Canadian dream is the dream of everyone; a pure, crime free and happy family life" - Quote by Mona Nagpaul, an immigrant from New Delhi, now settled in Ajax near Toronto.

If you are planning the move to Canada for a better life one of the steps involved is submitting your educational degrees for an Educational Credential Assessment (which is required for the PR assessment for Canada), which helps in gauging your position in the Canadian educational field.

ECA also known as Educational Credential Assessment assesses your educational qualifications/degree and its equivalence to Canadian education and degree. So for example, if student A has a Bachelors of Arts (with Honours) in Delhi University, the ECA analyses and reveals its Canadian equivalent. The World Education Services organisation is very popular for ECA services and their assessments are faster as well as widely used. This is very important for potential immigrants who wish to continue working in the profession of their choice, experience and education. For Example, Amit Dureja of Delhi has an architectural degree and experience in India and he wishes to remain in the same field in Canada, then he must go for the evaluation to gauge his further educational moves when looking to become an architect in Canada.

However, for certain regulated professions such as doctors etc, they need to get their degrees evaluated relevant bodies such as the Medical Council of Canada and so on.

Steps for obtaining WES ECA Evaluation:

1. Visit the website of WES Canada and create your profile

2. Use their free degree equivalency tool to gauge what to expect from the evaluation

3. Create a WES profile for yourself. Select the “ECA Application for IRCC” option.

4. Enter the necessary details and make the payment of the fees. There is also the option of courier delivery anywhere in the world via UPS or Fedex which takes 10 odd days and comes with a premium courier charges.

5. Obtain your WES reference number and keep it safe. It will be required to quote for all correspondence hereon.

6. Use the WES Documents Required tool to check what documents you need to send to WES for evaluation purposes.

7. Contact your university for sealed and attested transcripts. This can be a time consuming process so be ready for it.

8. Mail documents to WES, track the progress online including status etc

9. Once the evaluation is completed, a soft copy is sent to your WES account, and a hard copy is couriered to the address listed by you in the application.

Validity of WES Assessment report - 5 years

WES processing time - 35 to 45 days for a report

WES states that all Indians with Master’s degree submit both Bachelors and Masters degree (and any others that the candidate has) for evaluation. This assessment is only for the primary candidate and not the dependents including the wife.

ECA assessment plays an important role in PR assessment for Canada. Its helpful to do it to make your case watertight as well as continue working in the career you love.

WES Evaluation for Canada PR

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