July 09, 2020

Ways To Immigrate To Canada

“Canada is not a country, it is a way of life”  

- Maheep Singh, Soft skills trainer and an immigrant from India 

Canada is one of the few countries in the world to have an open migrant policy and encourage people to move there. The reasons are many mainly being the less population which is aging faster hence they need young people to boost the economy. Process and protocol bound moving to Canada are simple as long as one ticks all the right boxes. A person can go to Canada in three ways which are listed below: 

The three ways to move to Canada are as such: 

· Permanent residence 

· Student in an institute of higher learning with the option to work during and after studies 

· Short term work permits 

There are many ways to move to Canada as an immigrant and obtain a PR (Permanent residency) which later makes ways for a Canadian passport if you choose to have one. The various ways are: 

Express Entry Scheme – Introduced recently in 2015, it is the best way to move to Canada holding a PR card. This scheme covers those migrants seeking to enter Canada under the economic criteria programs. Under this scheme, 80% of its applications are processed within 6 months. The process is online, quick, and can be tracked the same way. This scheme wants those people who will be successful quickly in Canada to be the ones to make their way to the country. 

These programs are: 

· Federal skilled worker 

· Federal skilled trades Canadian experience class 

Provincial Nominee Program – Certain provinces of Canada have their own specific immigration schemes. These provinces are Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, etc. To qualify under this scheme, one needs a job offer from an employer based in that specific province. 

Quebec Scheme – Skilled immigrants can move to this French-speaking province which has its own immigration policy. It’s a unique program of its own kind. 

Atlantic Immigration Pilot – Inaugurated In 2017, this allows provinces on the Atlantic Ocean side to invite immigrants without a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Under this unique scheme, max of 4000 immigrants will be allowed to enter the country till 2020. 

Entrepreneur Program - This is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business. It allows high-value investors with a good managerial background to establish a new business in Canada and seek a PR. This is great for the country as it provides for jobs for the local economies and boosts the overall GDP. 

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You can choose any of the above programs to move to the country as an immigrant with a PR. If you have made up your mind, then let start working on the scheme best for you in consultation with an immigration consultant who will make the process easier and take away your stresses. One such company is Kytero consulting with evidence-backed success ratio and referrals to get in touch with about their procedures. 

Ways To Immigrate To Canada

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