June 20, 2020

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Canada

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond, and we cease to be alone.”

― Wendell Berry, American poet, and novelist

Hi, are you considering Canada as a base for doing graduate or post-graduate studies? If you are still not sure, we have compiled a few reasons which will help in making up your mind and end up choosing the land of the maple leaves as your base for a couple of student years. Once the Covid19 situation settles down, Canada will be accepting large numbers of students to enjoy the benefits of a world-class educational system. 

Below we have listed some reasons for choosing Canada as your destination for graduate studies: 

World-class Education – Canadian degrees and diplomas are recognized and accepted worldwide. Its educational facilities are among the best in the world. Hundreds of thousands of students are drawn to its premier institutes of higher learning because of the world-class education imparted by them. Several of its universities are ranked among the top 100 in the world year after year. The universities encourage cross-disciplinary studies, the latest technologies, and the inculcation of transferable skills such as teamwork & communication. 

Gain Work Experience – The best thing about studying in this country is that the government offers work programs and thus obtains valuable work experience. This is a good way to continue staying in the country after finishing your studies and hone your work skills. 

various students in Canada

Quality Of Life – The country offers a superior quality of life for students and others. 3 of its leading cities (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) make it to the top of the top student cities in the world. This ranking is based on certain standards of criteria such as diversity of ethnicity, affordability, and so on. 

National Tech Boom – Canada is one of the leading countries in the tech boom. The departments of telecommunications, digital media, video games, biotech, and aeronautical engineering are very strong here, and studying in institutions offering courses in these topics will give you an edge. It was the first nation to connect its schools and libraries to the World Wide Web via its unique SchoolNet program. 

Diversity – It is one of the most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity and welcomes people from the world over. It is liberal, open, and tolerant of all. It has a very open and vibrant LGBT community. It does not have racial discrimination unlike other countries of the western hemisphere. Indians as immigrants and students form a large part of its rainbow diversity. 

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As you can see from the above list, Canada is worth considering for so many reasons. Its rich natural beauty and diverse culture are some more reasons for setting your eyes on Canada. 

If you are still not convinced, get in touch with our experienced consultants for an intensive session. A bright future awaits you in the land of the Maple trees.

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Top 5 Reasons To Study In Canada

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