July 09, 2020

What are Canada PR Qualifications?

“The fact is Canadians understand that immigration, that people wanting to build a better life for themselves and their kids is what created Canada”

– Justin Trudeau 

The generosity, compassion, loves and great potential of Canada has been the reasons thousands of Indians from across regions migrate in search of happiness as permanent residents. The country with so much beauty (internal and physical), career opportunities, and tolerance make up for a great package. In this blog, we shall look at some basic details of a Canadian PR and its sub-text. 

The documents required to apply for PR are: 

· Proof of sufficient funds to support the application 

· Educational credential assessment 

· Skills assessment test 

· Language test results such as IELTS 

· Additional fees 

· Other documents based on different visa categories 

Eligibility criteria for Permanent Residency in Canada: 

· A candidate needs to score a minimum of 67 points based on age, education, work experience, language skills, adaptability and job offer in Canada 

· The profession of your work experience should feature in the occupations list known as “National Occupational Classification” 

How to calculate your Canadian PR visa points out of a total of 100 points: 

· Age – 12 points (maximum), the younger a candidate more the points 

· Education – 25 points maximum. The more qualified the more points 

· Work experience - 25 points maximum. The more experienced in chose line of the field the more points 

· Language skills - 28 points maximum. The more fluency in English and French the better it is 

· Adaptability – 10 points maximum 

· Arranged employment I advance – 10 points maximum 

Do a self-test today and determine for yourself if you fit the eligibility criteria for a PR status in Canada. It will make life easier for you as a potential candidate and help in saving time. If you know someone who has taken such a self-test, they are a great source of advice and help in this matter. So are immigration consultants. 

If you are a skilled worker then the Canada express entry system is the best way to get a PR in Canada, the steps for which are 4 and very simple: 

1. Check your points followed by an educational assessment by an assessment body 

2. Apply online through the portal called Express entry and obtain selection based on your rankings 

3. Make the final application along with documents and fees 

4. Submit your passport for local visa stamping if all goes well 

We hope the above article on Canadian PR and its qualifications will help you gain some clarity on this issue. Moving abroad is a big change and one must make this move with eyes wide open and a clear decision. Renowned consultants like Kytero is experts with a success spanning years of helping Indians of all backgrounds relocate to greener pastures. Come contact us today for guidance counseling from our experienced counselors. Contact us today and make positive changes in your life today. 

What are Canada PR Qualifications?

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