New Zealand is the country of diverse and stunning natural beauty with rolling pasture land, sharp pointed mountains, and steep inlets of sea between the cliffs, active volcanic zones, scenic beaches and raging rivers. These islands are home of flightless birds which are seen nowhere else such as burrowing parrot, nocturnal called the kiwi and kakapo. Kiwi is one of the national symbols.

These islands are sparsely populated but easily accessible. But with the transport networks and modern visitor facilities make New Zealand one of the adventurous countries along with twist to nature. So you should add New Zealand to your bucket list. It is also termed as God?s own country.

How To Apply

Visa Conditions

You will need visa in case of following conditions:

  • If country is not on visa-waiver list
  • If country is on visa-waiver list but you are applying for more than 3 months
  • And if you are staying for more than 6 months.
  • In tourist visa one can stay in NZ for 3 months period. And one can apply for up to nine months in period of 18 month.
  • One can apply online or provide completed visitor application form along with two passport size photos and valid passport. And proof of enough money to buy and for supporting your stay there for the specified period or Sponsorship form from someone agreed.
  • You will need to provide medical certificate in case your stay duration is more than 6 months. And you have to provide chest x-ray if one I from or have stayed in country with incidence of tuberculosis.
  • The cost depends on type of visitor visa you are applying for. But application fee is not refunded in case of denial.


Exploring the entire beauty of New Zealand as well as exploring the Adventure along.

Processing Time

So hurry up and apply for the country where you can enjoy best of scenic beauty!! It will take only 90 days for process when you are with us!

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