Europe is boasting a flourishing economy. The European government has power-packed plans to escalate the growth of the EU economy by 2030. If you are willing to shift or diversify your business in Europe than you would be glad to know about the lucrative opportunities that Europe market can offer. Europe has one of the largest single market and home of 750 million people scattered over 50 different nations which suggests the incredible potential of the EU market. Being the wealthiest country, the bulk of the population enjoys a high standard of living and is always ready to spend money for a better quality of life. Europe hosts more than 500 biggest corporations in the world which itself signifies its economic competence and level of resources it has.

To help you in the establishment of business in EUROPE, the Kytero team can guide you at every step of Europe business visa process with its in-depth knowledge about the procedure, policies, and opportunities for investing in Europe.

Benefits of doing business in EUROPE

  • The power of the single market

    This unique form of the market came into force in 1993. EU single market includes 28 European Union Members and it aims to abolish the trade barriers and allow the free movement of goods and services between the territories.

  • Industrialization enhances economic growth

    Europe is a developed and industrialized continent that consists of many independent countries which together boosts the economic power of Europe.

  • Euros is one of the strongest currencies

    Euros is a valuable currency and holds a strong place in the global market. It gives you the major reason to in

  • Highly educated professionals

    Europe maintains high academic standards and over 1.4 million students move Europe for gaining their higher education which creates a pool of highly educated professionals.

  • Easy to take entry in the European market

    To encourage trade in Europe, the EU government has liberalized trade laws and opened the gates for international marketers to boost competition and increase trade practices.

  • Excellent transportation facilities

    Europe has flawless transportation facilities. It is equipped with excellent rail networks and air networks for longest-growing economic countries which helped Australia in networking and tapping new markets.

Who can apply for a Schengen visa or EU business visa program?

Anybody who fulfill the requirements for availing business visa to visit Europe

  • To expand your business,
  • To invest, or
  • To advance your business relationship

What is a Schengen visa?

Schengen visa is a legal permit that allows you to stay in Europe up to 90days for tourism or business purposes. It is the most common visa to travel to Europe.


  • Any individual between the age of 18 to 60 years with the required funds available (minimum requirement may vary from country to country) for investment can apply for a business visa for Europe


  • Valid passport (shall be valid for minimum 6 months and minimum 1 or 2 pages must be left blank for visa stamp).
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of return (return tickets)
  • Proof of civil status
  • Explanation letter (explaining the purpose to visit Canada)
  • Medical examination report
  • 2 passport size photographs