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The United States of America (USA) is, perhaps, the most renowned immigration destination in the world, rightfully so. A federal republic comprising of 52 states & 1 federal district, the US is the 'Land of Endless Promises' and the 'Place Where the Sun Never Sets' This North American country is a land of unbelievable cities, beautiful alpine lakes, colossal coast redwoods, rolling vineyards, and desolate deserts & enormous coastline of unrivaled glory. New York (the Big Apple), Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Boston.all are thriving and colorful multicultural world cities and well-known for their amazing and interesting blends of ethnicity, food, & entertainment. Immigration to the US has been the main reason behind its population growth, cultural diversity and economic growth throughout the nation's long but impressive history. Migrants to the country arrive from practically every corner of the world even while they have made handsome contributions, and been pivotal in developing a great, developed and arguably the globe's most dominating country. However, the economical, political and social features of immigration have given birth to heated debate regarding ethnicity, financial benefits, and employment for the local people, besides settlement prototypes.


As mentioned elsewhere, the US is a multi-cultural country. A s one can easily find people from every corner of the world living in perfect harmony with each other and enjoying each other's unique culture, food habits, language differences, living styles, etc.

New York, California, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco. every American city dazzles the world. The New York City especially is famed as the world's cultural city and has noteworthy influence on the international trade, economy, art, media, fashion, education, amusement and entertainment, technical and non-technical research and machinery

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    USA Visitor Visa is a tourist visa

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