If your visa application is rejected, more often than not, you can appeal against the decision. The appeal has to be within a specific period of time.

Most common reasons why the visa application is rejected:

When you appeal, you must explain why you believe that the first decision you received was incorrect. You must provide new information or documents/evidence in your case addressing the details of your refusal. If you do not, your appeal will most likely also be rejected.

The time frame for an appeal varies for each country and should usually be made within 1-2 months from the notification of the refusal.

With limited time to make an appeal, it is imperative to lodge your appeal in time. You cannot afford to miss or get your appeal rejected too. Kytero Immigration Services can advise and guide you in winning your appeal.

Our expertise also lies in reapplication and appeals for those who have been rejected before. We have a high success rate in cases where applicants have incorrectly applied by themselves or through another party and have been rejected.